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Reference - CMPA Benefits - Retirement Credentials - By Law 6

The Canadian Military Police Association (CMPA) Retirement Credentials are a symbolic memento offered to former members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Military Police Branch in recognition of their unique qualifications and contribution to both the CAF and the Canadian policing fraternity. The CMPA Retirement Credentials are available to former MP Members who meet specific criteria. Police services throughout North America make it a customary practice to issue replica credentials. While police credentials traditionally symbolize the special authority vested in the holder the CMPA Retirement Credentials are intended only as a memento of service and they convey no legal authority whatsoever.


The following definitions will apply:

CMPA Retirement Credentials – consists of either “Retired” "Retraité" "Retraitée" or “Veteran” credentials

  • MP Members: Those officers and non-commissioned members of the CAF who have qualified for appointment as military police under regulations for the purpose of section 156 of the National Defence Act (NDA);
  • Retired: a person is considered to be “Retired” from the CAF when they have completed their Terms of Service with dignity and are in receipt of an annuity for that service. A person who has been medically released from the CAF as a result of an injury sustained on duty and who is in receipt of a medical pension for that injury is considered to be “retired” for the purposes of this Bylaw; and
  • Veteran: a person is considered to be “Veteran” when they left the CAF with dignity prior to being eligible for an annuity for that service.

CMPA Retirement Credentials shall consist of the following:   

  • Badge.  The badge shall be inscribed with either “Retired” "Retraité" "Retraitée" or “Veteran” in place of a badge number;
  • Identification card. The card will feature a photograph of the bearer and identify the holder as a former member of the CAF Military Police Branch.
  • This card is not intended to be used as official identification 

Click Here for more information about the CMPA Retirement Credentials and eligibility along with the Application form.