Wood Plaque - 2 tone (Stripes) - Laser Engravable - Crests

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Wood Plaque - Laser Engravable - plaque is Blank at listed price

Size 8x10 inches only - Wood is a 2 tone wood plaque with stripes made of Red Alder 

The following crests are available to be laser engraved, for a fee.

  • MP Badge (If you select the MP Badge, you can have a badge number or wording such as Retired, Veteran, Retraité or Retraitée inscribed on the badge.)
  • Canadian Provost Corps (C Pro C) Crest
  • Canadian Forces Military Police Academy
  • MP Branch Thunderbird
  • Canadian Forces National Investigation Service (CFNIS)

If you want your own Unit, Group, Regt etc. crest or badge laser engraved on the plaque, you are responsible to provide (Upload) the crest in the proper format (EPS Vector).

Each engraved crest will be sized proportional to the plaque size.

There is also space at the bottom to have a brass plate or similar item placed. A great gift to give to someone departing or to a visiting individual or group.

NOTE: As this is a custom order, production time must be taken into account. Purchaser to Identify the desired crest in the space provided. (Upload).

Please contact the Kitshop Manager at mpkitshop@gmail.com if you have any questions.