15 oz - Special Remembrance/Souvenir Ceramic Coffee Mug

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15 oz Special Remember/Souvenir Ceramic Coffee Mug with MP Branch Crest and written words. 

 "True Patriot Love in all of us command"

"Et ta valeur, de foi trempée, Protègera nos foyers and nos droits"

In the shadows of the words "Remember & Souvenir" you will see images of soldiers along with Canadian Maple Leafs falling from the sky

The “Canadian Military Police Memorial Wall” is now complete and lies within CFMPA’s Heritage Hall and displays multiple plaques representing each Military Police member who died while in uniform/serving.. All future proceeds from the sale of this coffee mug are going to the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy (CFMPA) to support not only the Memorial Wall but other Heritage related products.

Any donations to the CFMPA can be presented via cheque or e-transferred to the Cmdt’s Administrative Assistant (Shelley.Ewing@forces.gc.ca) who is also available if you require any more information.