Black Shark Rescue Knife with "MP" Letters

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The Black shark rescue knife Model SSRK01 has:

  • a serrated blade that folds.
  • a glass breaker.
  • a seat belt cutter.
  • a carry clip.
  • Letters "MP" laser engraved on the blade.
  • An overall length of the knife at 7.5″  when open.
  • A blade measuring 3.25″
NOTE: Importation of this knife may violate customs regulations in some countries.
If shipping to addresses outside of Canada or the continental United States, please check your local import regulations regarding the importation of this knife.

Please note that some Customs authorities may choose to impound part of or the entire shipment.  Impounded items are the responsibility of the purchaser and will not be refunded or replaced by the CMPA.

MPSS Personnel may consider using official mail addresses.