Ladies Brooch - Rhinestones Embellished MP Thunderbird

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Ladies Brooch - Embellished MP thunderbird - similar in design to the Military Police Metal Thunderbird Collar badges.

Embrace the power of the thunderbird symbol adorned with five red rhinestones placed on the wings and chest, signifying freedom, curiosity, and change. Its design also features three red stones on its ankles denoting harmony, wisdom, and understanding. Enhanced with pearl enamel reminiscent of Mother-of-pearl, symbolizing nurturing protection and love, complemented by clear crystals for transparency and balance.

An ideal gift for any lady wishing to elevate their presence at functions, work, or special events!

Width x Height: 42 mm x 38 mm (1.75 in x 1.5 in)
Thickness : 1.5 mm
Attachment: Safety pin
Material : Zinc alloy & pearl enamel
21 red crystal rhinestones
10 clear crystal rhinestones
Comes with white organza bag.