POLICE patch (Rainbow Colours)

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Rainbow POLICE patch can be worn on Body armour (Front and Back) or attached to other items such as backpacks, Patrol bags, etc. 

Wear this POLICE patch to represent your pride or show your solidarity and support during Pride events. The CF Provost Marshal has approved the wearing of this rainbow variant of the traditional "POLICE" label on the Occupational Patrol Dress (OPD) body armour with the following stipulations: 

1. Wearing on the OPD is authorized by the member's chain of command and on request only by the serving member.

2. Wearing of this patch by Military Police members must also be authorized in the area where the MP is working, (e.g. Base/Wing).

Patch measures 9 inches wide by 3 inches high and has Velcro backing and mounting strip.

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Patch designed by Dean Ingram.