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Due to the various colours of helmets and stand, these helmet liners are NOT stocked at the MP Kit shop and are prepared on demand.  You place your order and we will have the helmet liner made of your choices and shipped to you from the supplier in the US.

This is an actual M1 helmet liner replica constructed of robust plastic and available in 3 various colours with "MP" vinyl markings. These helmet liners have inside webbing, chin strap and a leather sweat band.  

During World War II, the practice began to mark steel shells and the liners to identify military police Soldiers. MPs usually wore white helmet liners with “MP” in black during WWII garrison duty. In the field, the helmets were left olive drab with “MP” in white. At some time the standard MP helmet and liner color was changed from white to black (although there were some local variations).

Helmet liners were worn by MPs through Canada and the world on operational tours to help identify them as Military Police.  Although most helmet markings were designed by each operation, we chose to go with the 3 basic colours and markings that were widely used. We also provide the option of having a Canadian Flag on both sides of the Green Helmet liner similar to those worn in Europe.

Pictures of White Helmet liners are forthcoming

These helmet liners are made by a US MP Retired Colonel's Spouse who has sold them to various US MP units.

Helmet stand colours will vary based on availability.


Shipping is free. Once shipped, the supplier will provide you with a tracking number.  Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery. 

Customs and any imports fees (if any) are the responsibility of the customer.

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