Patch - CADPAT Military Police Qualification Badges

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CADPAT Military Police Embroidered Crest Qualification Badges. 

Notice to all serving members - the CMPA Kit shop has been advised by the MP Branch that presently these patches are not authorized to be worn on any CF Uniform (including CADPAT).

4 Levels of Qualifications are available

  • Qualification Level 1 - QL3 qualified

  • Qualification Level 2 - QL5A qualified

  • Qualification Level 3 - QL5B qualified

  • Qualification Level 4 - QL6A qualified

Measures 2 inch by 2 inch (5 cms x 5 cms)

Velcro Hook Backing

Canadian Green CADPAT colours

Can be worn on vests or ball caps but not the CF uniform.

More to follow